APCS e-Desk

What is it ?

e-Desk is a user friendly and free web application allowing declarants to notify the terminal operator about upcoming cargo and to enter export declaration details electronically. 

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  • e-Desk can be used for the preannouncement of containerized and ro/ro cargo.
  • Both export and transit declarations can be done in the e-Desk application. Registration of declarations in the e-Desk offers the advantage to follow up the status of cargo and documents with the track and trace functionality.

How does it work ?

With e-Desk the user (shipper, exporter, , ...) notifies the terminal operator about an upcoming cargo.

The data to be filled in are the type of document, office of exit, MRN-number and container or VIN number. The input of a terminal and order reference is optional.

The terminal operator can continuously retrieve this information. Other users can only retrieve and update the data they own.


What are the benefits ?

e-Desk allows a more effective electronic delivery of declaration data from the declarant to the terminal operator.

For which ports and terminals can you use the e-Desk application?

APCS cooperates closely with other Flemish ports and developed the e-Desk application together with the Port of Zeebruges. A single application can be used for both ports.

You can use e-Desk for shipments via following terminals in Antwerp:

  • Antwerp Euro Terminal (quay 1333) – CONT + RORO (pre-announcements of NCTS transit declarations not possible)
  • PSA Noordzee terminal (quay 913) – CONT
  • PSA Europa terminal (quay 869) – CONT
  • Belgian New Fruit Warf (BNFW) (quay 190) - CONT
  • PSA Churchill terminal (quay 420) – CONT
  • MSC PSA European Terminal (Q 1742) – CONT
  • NHS Churchill terminal (quay 420) – CONT
  • MSC PSA European Terminal (Q 730) – CONT
  • DPW Antwerp Gateway (quay 1700) – CONT
  • IMT (quay 242) – CONT
  • ICO Vrasene Terminal (quay 1241) – RORO (pre-announcements of NCTS transit declarations not possible)
  • Euroports Container Terminal (kaai 524) - CONT

And following terminals in Zeebrugge :

  • APMT Zeebrugge quay 120 – CONT
  • ICO Zeebrugge (quays 405, 501 & 521 – RORO
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics quay 530 – RORO

What do you need ?

e-Desk works as a web application on any computer with Flash-player.


Click here for a list of software vendors who have succesfully connected their software: e-Desk Partners

Tips for a correct use of the e-Desk

  • The e-Desk can be used to report all types of export declarations and the pre-announcements of NCTS transit declarations.
  • There is no need anymore to hand over paper documents on arrival at the terminal. Exports can be handled paperless with the connected terminals. See the list of terminals above.
  • Reporting of customs declarations in the e-Desk application must be done before shipment on board.
  • Customs declarations made in an emergency procedure cannot be reported in the e-Desk. A declaration started as a procedure on paper must continue as a paper based process. These declarations are not available in the Customs computer systems and must be handed over to the terminal operators customs desk in hardcopy in order to complete the exit procedure.
  • The number of the Customs office to be reported in the e-Desk can be found in section 29 of the export declaration (office of exit) or section 53 of the Transit declaration (office of destination).
  • Container numbers must always be reported with a length of 11 characters. Shipper’s owned containers that not follow a standard notation have to be completed with a / (ex. ////123456/).

What does it cost ?

The Port Authority carries the full cost of development and operation for the standard functionalities of the application.

This includes the cost for sending the data (with an XML-message) and the connection to the communication network (by means of a supported standard protocol).

You can subscribe however for additional services like sending status changes and exit confirmations from the Customs Authorities of cargo declared by you. An XML-message or e-mail will then be sent to you whenever these changes occur. This is a payable service.   


As from December 10th, 2015 every company has the possibility to be notified automatically when the following status changes occur for container or ro/ro cargo he declared:   


  • Arrival of a container or ro/ro cargo at the terminal 
  • Departure of a container or ro/ro cargo from the terminal
  • Exit Confirmation from the EU by the Customs Authorities


The company can choose to receive the status changes via e-mail or an XML message. 

This is a payable service. Companies that want to receive the status changes, have to pay a yearly fee. Tariffs are determined based on the average number of documents that the company declares each month in the e-Desk application:

Yearly feeNumber of documents per month
250 EUR/yearLess than 100
500 EUR/year100 - 1000
1000 EUR/yearMore than 1000

Each company starts with the basic yearly fee of 250 EUR/year and APCS will create additional invoices to these companies that exceed the volume. 

To subscribe for this service just send an e-mail to apcs@portofantwerp.com.

Please mention in this e-mail if you want to receive the status changes via e-mail or XML and to which e-mail address you want it to be sent. Also mention which of the following 3 message types you want to receive (the subscription fee doesn’t change if you choose more than one message type):

  • Arrival of cargo at the terminal and/or
  • Departure of the cargo from the terminal and/or
  • Exit confirmation from EU by the Customs Authorities