Chemical cluster

In the port of Antwerp cargo handling, industry and logistics go hand in hand. The port hosts the largest chemical cluster in Europe. The high level of integration and diversity throughout the value chain of the chemical players in Antwerp is unique in the world. Over the years, this has brought together some of the most cutting-edge logistics experts to safely and securely store, handle and distribute oils, chemicals and gases.

Biggest and most diverse chemical cluster

(*the list of operators on this map is not exhaustive)

The three refineries and four steam crackers in the port provide a stable local availability of raw materials. The close co-operation between the chemical companies on a production level, but also on an energy and service level results in an extremely cost-efficient production. 7 out of the 10 main chemical producers worldwide have a plant in Antwerp. A reliable supply of raw materials over sea, by rail, barge and pipeline is also guaranteed thanks to the port's location.


Tailor-made logistics services

The Antwerp logistics service providers are globally recognized for their innovative, flexible and customer-oriented, no-nonsense approach. They stand out for their high productivity, excellent training and language skills. They look for a tailor-made supply chain solution in accordance with the highest Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality (SSHEQ) standards.

State-of- the-art storage facilities are available for all types of dangerous goods, powders, plastics, liquid bulk and products for the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. Value added logistics (VAL) services include repackaging cargo to all types of formats and sizes, labelling, quality check, inventory management and distribution. More information about specific VAL services for liquid bulk, plastics and packed chemicals can be found in the brochures on this page.

Liquid bulk

Antwerp is known worldwide as the European distribution hub for liquid chemicals and the leading trading hub for oil products and liquid chemicals. 15 terminals provide more than 6.3 million m³ in storage capacity, spread over tanks of 18 to 50,000 m³. Oil traders actively invest together with tank storage companies in additional tank storage capacity. The port of Antwerp offers the largest number of stainless steel tanks worldwide.

Read more in the liquid bulk brochure.


Different service suppliers in the port specialize in the handling, storage and repackaging of plastic granulates. Quality checks and stock management are also provided. The granulates are stored in bags on pallets, in octabins, in big bags or as bulk in silos. The more than 1.300 silos account for about 700.000 m³ of storage capacity, more than 430.000 m³ of which is multi-customer.

Read more in the allround plastics brochure.

Packed chemicals

Many companies choose for the port of Antwerp as the European distribution hub for their packed chemicals because of these five assets:

  • tailor-made logistics services
  • a fast and reliable throughput
  • customer-oriented and cost-efficient customs procedures
  • transparent supply chains
  • a dense fore- and hinterland transport network

Read more in the packed chemicals brochure.

Dangerous goods
The port has specialised storage facilities to store all classes of dangerous goods. These facilities meet the strictest national and European standards in terms of fire prevention, firefighting and industrial and environmental safety.

Download the list with service providers offering these facilities.

Distribution to the European hinterland

A large number of connections by shortsea, barge, rail and road guarantee an excellent connectivity with the main production centres in Europe. The port of Antwerp is also a major hub in the Western European pipeline network.

Special figures

  • 13.057 ha total surface
  • 40 million tons of annual refining capacity
  • 19 million tons of annual chemicals production capacity
  • 45 million tons transshipment of liquid bulk
  • 556 ha covered warehouses
  • 6.3 million m³ storage capacity by 15 tank storage terminals, spreading over 18 - 50.000 m³ tanks
  • 8 multi-customer plastics handling terminals offering more than 430.000 m³ of silo storage capacity (with a total storage capacity of 700.000 m³)
  • the largest cracker complex in Europe with the largest European single train center


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