Churchill Industrial Zone

The Antwerp Port Authority is offering an attractive industrial investment opportunity in the heart of Europe's main integrated industrial, maritime and logistics platform. The site is an ideal base for high-tech waste treatment. The project area is immediately available.

Location Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is situated in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, and only 40 km from Brussels, the capital of the European Union. The presence of Europe’s largest (petro)chemical cluster, and a wide range of logistics value-added services in the port, provides various economies of scale.

Due to its inland and central location in Europe, the port offers optimal connectivity to most European production and consumption centres. Overseas destinations can be reached regularly with direct maritime services to 1300 ports worldwide.

Location Churchill Industrial Zone
aerial photo site Churchill Industrial Zone Port of Antwerp

The Churchill Industrial Zone is situated on the right bank of the Port of Antwerp

The site is in close proximity to a major pipelines hub and a dock complex.


Site characteristics

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Total surface area: nearly 96 ha.

Surface project area: nearly 88 ha.

Total surface buildings: 34 ha.

Type of activity: industrial.

Location: at Noorderlaan, click to see the site's location on Google Maps.

The site has quadrimodal access:

  • maritime / barge: next to deep sea quays (Churchill dock);
  • road: connected to the main road in the port and a dense network of international motorways;
  • rail: tracks continue inside the buildings.
  • pipeline connection.


Available facilities

  • Spacious site with industrial buildings: former assembly unit, warehouses, administrative building and press shop. 
  • Part of existing industrial surroundings and proximity chemical cluster: this can create an interaction with existing companies and suppliers. This cluster-strengthening effect creates a competitive advantage for both new and existing companies.


For whom

The site is ideal for the development of a large-scale circular economy project. Within the port area the site is one of the few large remaining areas in the centre of Antwerp's industrial cluster.


Interesting investment opportunity

Strong business opportunities:

  • 60% of Europe's purchasing power is located within a radius of 500 km.
  • Situated close to the decision-making centres of the European Union (Brussels, Strasbourg).
  • Ideal test market for new products.

Favourable investment climate:

  • Open economy and strong investment climate.
  • Antwerp attracts many foreign investments. In 2015, Antwerp was good for almost half of all new jobs of foreign companies in Flanders, which serves to underline this dynamic region's economic potential.
  • Flanders is a trendsetter in a number of circular economy sub-domains such as in the field of innovative recycling techniques, the use of secondary resources and the sorting and recycling of household waste.
  • Stimulating concession rates in the port (particularly for industrial activities).
  • Access to risk capital of public enterprises and other risk capital providers.
  • Various support measures through fiscal incentives and subsidies.
  • Cooperation between industrial companies and leading research centres (R&D).
  • Productive, flexible and multilingual workforce.



Isabelle Van Looy

Senior Consultant Investment Policy

Antwerp Port Authority
Port House
Zaha Hadidplein 1
2030 Antwerp