New lock capacity

The importance of the second lock on the left bank 

Construction of the Kieldrecht lock was necessary in order to ensure better access to the port area on the Left bank of the Scheldt. This investment will take the form of greater maritime, industrial and logistical activity in the port of Antwerp.

Importance for Flanders and the significance for Europe

It is one of the key projects for the Flemish government and forms part of the objectives of the Pact 2020 plan which states that the accessibility of the Flemish ports must be safeguarded.

The project also fits in with the ambition of the European Union to develop a transnational, multimodal transport network by 2030. The port of Antwerp is an important hub for the new EU core transport network. Their development is essential in order to cope with the constantly growing cargo volumes, both for shortsea shipping within Europe and for intercontinental shipping.

The new lock offers many advantages including:

  • Shorter waiting times for ships,
  • More shipping traffic and thus greater added value,
  • Faster routes for ships and for hinterland transport.