Port of Antwerp signs collaboration agreement with Rosmorport in Russia

Publication date: 
11 Feb 2013

The port of Antwerp will collaborate closely over the next five years with Rosmorport, the state-owned company that defends the interests of all Russian seaports. Port of Antwerp International, the international subsidiary of Antwerp Port Authority, has signed a collaboration agreement for this with Rosmorport. The agreement runs for a period of five years after which it can be renewed.

The signing of the collaboration agreement comes with support of Porteco BVBA and against the background of excellent trade relations between Russia and Antwerp. Indeed, Russia is Antwerp’s fourth-largest trading partner. In 2012 the total volume of freight carried between Antwerp and Russia amounted to 8.6 million tonnes. About 90% of this volume went between Antwerp and the Baltic coast of Russia.

The two parties have agreed to collaborate in the fields of port development, expansion of the transport and logistics networks and attracting investments in port facilities. Further, the two partners will jointly examine how the energy efficiency of port facilities can be improved, and how renewable energy can be used for this purpose.

The signatories to the agreement hope to assure its success by exchanging the maximum amount of information and in the longer term by organising training courses for Russian port professionals at APEC, the training centre operated by Antwerp Port Authority.