Working to maximise efficiency of goods transport

Antwerp’s strategic location in Europe ensures a huge amount of traffic in the port. To avoid an increase in congestion, Antwerp Port Authority is taking various steps to organise goods transport via two approaches:
Upgrading road transport so that the same volumes of cargo can be carried by fewer lorries.
Encouraging a modal shift from road transport to rail transport.
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Strategic location creates opportunities for road transport 

Strategic location of the Antwerp road network

Road transport plays a crucial role in connecting the Port of Antwerp to its hinterland due to its central location in the European road network. This location makes it accessible via an extensive network of international motorways. In 2015, 58% of the total goods flow to and from the Port of Antwerp went by road.

Thousands of lorries come and go every day in the port area ensuring efficient and swift transport between terminals, warehouses and industrial companies.


The central location in the heart of consuming and producing Europe offers many perspectives to get to the end client efficiently. The port is surrounded by an extensive network of motorways with direct and rapid connections to industrial centres in Flanders, Wallonia, the Netherlands, Germany, France and many other destinations in Europe.




Promoting a modal shift away from road transport

Antwerp Port Authority seeks to achieve a better balance between the various modes of transport by switching to more sustainable options: rail and inland shipping.

For this purpose, further growth is necessary in both rail and inland-shipping links. Antwerp is at the junction of three major railway lines in Europe. In addition, Antwerp’s location in the heart of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta means it has a direct link to the pan-European inland shipping network.

However, we can also make road transport more efficient with suitable infrastructure projects.

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Request for projects that improve efficiency of freight traffic

The amount of freight traffic around Antwerp has increased significantly in recent years. Together with the major local roadworks that are planned for the near future in the port, this is putting increased pressure on mobility in and around the port. To keep freight traffic flowing smoothly to, from and in the port, there is a need for additional mobility solutions.

The Antwerp Port Authority is looking for projects that can fulfill these objectives:

- to produce a positive impact on traffic flowing to, from and in the port;

- to raise the efficiency of existing and new flows of goods (for example, by means of co-loading, avoiding empty trips, etc.);

- to produce a positive effect on environmental impacts.

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