Strong in container handling and cargo generating

Dinsdag 06 03 2012

Thanks to its good cargo-generating capacity and its multi-functional capabilities, the port of Antwerp was able to further reinforce its position as an important centre for container handling in 2011. This was underlined by the absolute records set for container volume, both in tonnage and in TEU. With a container freight volume of more than 105 million Antwerp is once more the second largest port in Europe.

Its very good cargo-generating capacity is of fundamental importance to Antwerp as a container port. It owes this ability above all to its central location, deep inland, which in many cases makes it the shortest link between producer and consumer. Consequently, a large proportion of its freight comes from the immediate hinterland. A further essential feature of Antwerp is that it is home to the largest integrated petrochemical cluster in Europe, creating further supply and demand for freight transport.

But what makes Antwerp really special is its multi-functional capability. For the customer it is important to have a port where all the various freight handling and servicing capabilities are to be found side by side. Handling, logistics and manufacturing are all equally important in our port. Finally, Antwerp is a multimodal hub where all consignments are able to find the right transport mode. The port and its hinterland are bound together by a dense network of road, rail and barge connections. This extensive multimodal capability and the location deep inland are important advantages for the further development of Antwerp as the second largest port in Europe and one of the most sustainable ports in the Hamburg – Le Havre range.