Handling & distribution

Professionals in perishable cargo value the Port of Antwerp’s dedicated solutions to optimise cool logistics chains. Numerous experienced providers offer proven services for your specific needs in perishable cargo. The Port Authority and its service providers continually invest in new equipment for loading, unloading and handling activities, in order to respond to the needs of the fresh produce sector. And a large number of specialised forwarders experienced in the international transport of perishable cargo work out the best and most efficient cool transport solution for you.

State-of-the-art equipment for handling perishables

• Modern shore cranes discharge pallets smoothly from  specialised reefer vessels into pallet cages.
• Individual boxes can be discharged  by using weather-protected cargoveyors.
• For handling containers and general cargo,  conventional terminals dispose of mobile cranes (up to 100 tonnes) with automatic spreaders.
• At the container terminals, ultra-modern gantry cranes load and unload the latest generation of container vessels with a capacity of more than 20,000 TEU.

Did you know?

• Container cranes have a reach of 25 containers wide, which speeds up the handling process considerably.
• The cold chain is uninterrupted thanks to the position of the warehouses, immediately at the waterside
• Perishables cargo can be unloaded from the ship and stuffed in a reefer truck in less than 1 hour.
• Every container terminal in Antwerp is widely equipped with reefer facilities, totalling more than 8,000 reefer plugs.

Outstanding productivity, shorter transit times for perishables

Specialists in perishable cargo prefer Antwerp for its highly-trained workforce and exceptionally high productivity. On average, its container terminals allow up to 40 moves per hour per crane, which is far beyond the European average. In terms of pallets, the terminals can handle up to 6,000 pallets per shift.

We pay great attention to flexibility. Extra cranes or gangs are deployed to meet your needs.
Antwerp service providers are very flexible in handling late arrivals. This allows your cargo to be loaded just before vessels leave the port.

Excellent maritime services

Especially for the fresh produce industry, the Port of Antwerp offers a vast range of maritime liner services:

• Congestion-free lanes both for specialised reefer vessels and container carriers having the capacity and flexibility to move large volumes of cargo quickly and efficiently;
• A high number of regular maritime liner services from specialised reefer vessels enabling short transit times and from container carriers with a wide offering on all trading lines.

To find all maritime services from/to your destination, please consult the Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform here.

The fastest gateway to your customers and business partners

Antwerp is a deep inland port with excellent connections to the major perishables markets, such as Rungis (F), Venlo (NL) and Duisport (D). This unique position appeals to European distribution centres to use and/or to settle in the port as they gain time and money with regards to their transportation needs.

Antwerp offers a wide choice of forwarders experienced in the international transport of perishable cargo. As a reliable partner, your forwarder stands by you and works closely together with you. He takes care of the smooth flow of your cargo by working out the best and most efficient cool transportation solution. Your preferred forwarder will also draw up necessary documents and fulfill all customs and inspection formalities in order to relieve you of this duty.