Cold storage solutions

It is our ambition to help you optimise your supply chain. The concept of a multifunctional and integrated port is our response. This combination of cargo handling, logistics services and industry is quite unique, supported by a centuries-old knowledge and expertise of logistics. An impressive range of infrastructure gives the Port the flexibility to handle any cargo, both safely and efficiently.

Cold storage solutions
The cold warehouses in Antwerp are located in the port itself, which enables an uninterrupted cold chain and benefits the quality of perishable cargo. Perishable cargo benefits from a large offer of temperature-controlled warehousing, totalling up to 2 million m³.



• Storage from -25°C/-13°F up to 20°C/68°F
• Continuously monitored facilities
• Bio-certified warehouses
• Separated cells for product-specific storage
• Highly-sensitive commodities such as bananas, when it descends to half a degree, are specialities of  Antwerp’s storage service providers
• A large capacity for long-term storage under a controlled atmosphere

Automated reefer warehousing
As a pioneer in Europe since 2008, Antwerp offers you automated warehouses for palletised perishable cargo. This allows you an even more qualitative and cost-efficient handling. It guarantees an uninterrupted cold chain for your valuable goods so they reach the end customer in perfect condition.


Special case

SEA-Invest, one of the biggest fruit terminals in the port, offers the most advanced refrigerated warehouses where 10,000 pallets are stored fully automatically and can be handled 8 pallets high. The rapid and efficient processes and the wide-ranging offer of various added value services (labelling, repackaging and quality checks) mean that SEA-Invest is able to flexibly meet the needs of the market.

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