EuroFruitPorts nv

EuroFruitPorts started operations in January 2013 and inaugurated its coldstore facilities in April 2013.

EuroFruitPorts is a multi-purpose fruit terminal.  The total site is 38.700 m².  Of this surface, 13.600 m² is taken up by a cold store warehouse. Additionally, the site has dry store warehousing capacity for 2 times 8.100 m² each. The container yard part of the facilities holds a container hub and repair centre of 17.500 m². 450 reeferplugs are available for refrigerated container storage.


EuroFruitPorts’ cold store area can offer a temperature range between 4°C and 14°C and is Bio certified.


Storage capacity is:

• 3.900 floor positions - suited for single pallet rack expansion

• 1.600 positions in single pallet racks

• 1.000 positions on mezannines


Storage in the refrigerated warehouse is divided in 8 rooms:

• 1 large room: 2.400 pallets

• 3 smaller rooms: 700 pallets / room

• 4 rooms with single pallet racks : 1.500 pallets


At the terminal, several refrigerated cargoes (bananas, other fruits, vegetables) are handled, as well as general cargo and containers. In addition to the state of the art newly built warehouses, the terminal has a wide range of specialized equipment guaranteeing high quality handling:

• Mobile cranes equipped with automatic bromma spreaders

• Handjacks

• Low lift pallettrucks

• Forklifts

• Reachtrucks

• 21 dockshelters

• Pallet cages (4 and 8 pallets)


Several value added services are offered on-site:  

• Quality check zone

• Auto-control 

• Sorting, labeling, reconditioning of pallets

• Warehouse management system with barcode scanning for tracking and tracing 

• Direct EDI links with customs system

All handling is done by skilled staff and is FAVV certified.