Trade facilitation

Whether its inspection services, tax facilities or smooth customs procedures, the Port of Antwerp has everything in store to help optimise your supply chain.

Lowering your logistics costs by inspections at one single location

This service will save you time and give you a competitive advantage in operational security. You will be able to improve your logistical planning. Reefer goods can leave the port more quickly, another testament that the port of Antwerp is a crucial link in your supply chain, serving as a "one-stop-shop".

Authorised Economic Operator

In Antwerp, special “AEO” certification (Authorised Economic Operator) has been granted to a large number of our service providers which fulfil safety and security qualifications. These companies benefit from many advantages such as:
• Faster customs clearance
• A single point of contact
• More favourable customs procedures

Welcome to the Green Lane!

When all operators of a supply chain are AEO certified, a so-called Green Lane can be established, allowing for  very smooth cargo flow.

Advance notice of arrival
Goods on their way to the port of Antwerp can be announced beforehand at the Veterinary Inspectorate and Customs, so that the time they spend in the port remains as short as possible. Thanks to this procedure, any inspection can be carried out immediately on arrival. If no inspection is needed then the goods can be cleared even before they reach the port, so that they can leave again as soon as they arrive.

VAT prepayment abolished
Until recently, shippers who wanted to defer VAT payments until the periodic VAT declaration had to pay a deposit when shipping goods through Antwerp. In some cases the amount of this deposit could be as much as several hundred thousand euros. But now there’s good news: this competitive disadvantage has been abolished. So clearly, nothing is stopping you to ship your perishables through Antwerp!