2010 - ... Working on the future

To anticipate ever increasing shipping and traffic, the Port of Antwerp is working on different projects. In 2011, construction started on a second sea lock on the Left bank. The lock will be as wide and as long as the Berendrecht lock on the Right bank, but it will be deeper. It will be the biggest sea lock in the world.

More to the north on the Left bank the Saeftinghe development zone will be filled. More than 1,000 hectares has been reserved for a tidal dock with sites for logistics, transhipment and industry. And knowing that the Waasland Logistics Park is also taken shape, access for hinderland transport is very important. With regard to rail transport, a second tunnel will be dug under the Scheldt, the Liefkenshoek rail tunnel, in addition to the existing Kennedy tunnel. In 2014, the first freight train will go through this tunnel.

In the north of the port near the Berendrecht lock the Antwerp Coordination Center will be built in 2014. At a height of about sixty to eighty metres a central office will be built for all nautical chain services. This will allow even better co-operation between the different services. A central crisis centre will also be established in the building. A year later (2015) the Port Authority will open its new headquarters. This is a futuristic design that will float over the current building at Quay 63.