Strategic Priorities 2021

What are Port of Antwerp's 2021 objectives? With sustainable growth, targeted transition and resilience, we are ready to make a difference. We are pioneering together!


Pioneering together: 3 strategic priorities


Port of Antwerp's mission is clear: Home port as a lever for a sustainable future. This mission sketches the outlines for the future of the port of Antwerp.


Port of Antwerp is more than a port, more than transport, tons and TEUs. It is a unique synergy between maritime transshipment and transport, logistics and industry. With these various activities, we as a port are a crucial link in the global economy. This is why we are doing well in these times of rapid change. And we want to keep this up: responding flexibly to the rapidly evolving maritime market, so that the port of Antwerp continues to play that leading role as an international world port, both now and in the future.


But a healthy economy is not about money and jobs alone. As one of Europe's largest ports, we also have a role in society. We are a port of the people, for the people. We aim to be the first world port that reconciles economy, people and climate.


Port of Antwerp is ready to make a difference, one with the world. We are pioneering together.


This is what Port of Antwerp will be doing in 2021!


Sustainable growth:

We will achieve sustainable growth for the port platform by making optimum use of the existing space and by expanding our activities and income. At the same time, we are aiming for a safe and secure port, for its users and the surrounding area.


Targeted transition:

We don't just want to do things more or better, we want to do them differently. In order to be climate-neutral by 2050, we need to take steps now to achieve our goal. We are building a digital network of integrated port systems and are continuing to focus on improving the port's accessibility.


Resilient port:

An economic crisis, cyber attacks, a pandemic... In these uncertain times, we need a resilient port. We will achieve this through continual improvement, by joining forces with the wider port community. But we are also looking beyond our borders, to our international partners and networks. This is how we will support the economic recovery. With a strong, efficient and agile organisation, we are the engine for tomorrow's world.