2020 Master Plan

Safeguarding the accessibility to and the safety and mobility in and around Antwerp is an absolute top priority for the port. In view of its economic importance for the Flemish region, the Flemish government drew up the 2020 Master Plan.

Closure of the Ring to the north of Antwerp

The Antwerp ring is like a junction for the traffic from and to the E17, E34, E19, A12, E313 and E314 motorways. The uncompleted character of the current ring combined with the shortage of “Scheldt crossings” result in road congestion that affects all transport of goods and persons. The 2020 Master Plan specifies the closure of the R2, the Ring to the north of Antwerp. This closure will be made possible by a third Scheldt crossing for lorry traffic. This crossing will be a tunnel under the river Work will be in two phases: in a first phase the Scheldt tunnel and the Oosterweel link will be completed to ensure a smooth connection for the city and port toward the west. Immediately following this, the Oosterweel junction will be connected by 4 tunnels to the R1 in Merksem (Ring to the east of Antwerp).

Improvements R2

Improvement works on the R2 will tackle some of the congestion problems. The safety of the route will also be improved by the construction of a second Tijsmans tunnel next to the existing tunnel.

Redevelopment E313

The redevelopment of the E313 is also planned with the aim of opening up the port more. The E313 is of crucial strategic interest because it connects the port with the Ruhr area. It is also the east-west connection for long-distance traffic and is an access road for the Kempen as well as the Economic Network Albert canal.

Construction of the A102

A second rail access toward the east (the Iron Rhine, Montzen line) has long been required. The bedding of the A102 will be used for this railway line. The Flemish Region is studying the possibility to build a joint motorway/railway construction. The A102 will be the connection with the port for the traffic of the E34/E313.