Alfaport Antwerpen

Alfaport Antwerpen is a federation of port-bound businesses and logistics companies in the port of Antwerp. The organisation represents five industry associations which between them have more than 400 members together.

Between them these companies employ over 22,000 people directly and a great many more indirectly. There are five recognised industry associations:

KBRV(Royal Belgian Association of Shipowners) which represents all shipping companies based in Belgium.

ASL(Antwerp Shipping Federation), namely the ship's agents and shipping company offices, as the representatives of foreign shipping companies.

ABAS(Antwerp Stevedores Association). This association represents the stevedoring and freight handling companies. They actually load and unload the vessels.

VEA(Association for Forwarding, Logistics and Freight Interests in Antwerp), which represents all the transport organisers in Antwerp: forwarders, shipping agents, logistics service providers and distribution centres:

KVBG(Royal Association of Trafficflow Controllers), the members of this association are active not only in freight handling and storage but also in related logistics activities such as repackaging, labelling, palletisation and distribution

Alfaport Antwerp aims to be a strategic partner in this process at local, Flemish and federal level, collaborating on the sustainable development of the port and the creation of a secure, investment-friendly climate for businesses.

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