AMARIS stands for Antwerp Maritime Information Systems. It is the IT department of the Port Authority. AMARIS develops, implements and supports specific maritime and related applications and also manages the computer park of the Port Authority.

To a port telematics is a strategic weapon. In the highly competitive maritime world IT plays an important role in many critical aspects: a safe and efficient nautical traffic, speed of handling, a strict monitoring of (dangerous) goods, efficient resource management for personnel, equipment and use of land, and the correctness of the financial settlement.

In all these areas AMARIS provides efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions. For each project the analysts delve into the specific business domain to relieve the needs of the stakeholders with adaptive information and communication technology.

Today the users of the Port have access to dozens of software applications. On one hand they are customized third-party applications that are purchased at the market after they appeared to meet the anticipated demands of the users. On the other hand they are unique AMARIS homemade applications.



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