Antwerp's success

With a wide variety of strengths, Antwerp plays a major role for centuries as a port in the world and will continue to do so in the coming years. A brief overview of key strengths:

Central location
Antwerp is Europe's most central seaport. Sea-going vessels can transport goods 80 kilometres inland, into the heart of Europe. This means transport via the Port of Antwerp to European customers and factories is not only quick and cheap, it is also very ecological. It means less road transport, which is an important consideration for many manufacturers.

Big choice of world-wide connections
For many European companies, the Port of Antwerp is the link with other continents, and for many companies in the farthest corners of the world it is the gateway to Europe. The Port of Antwerp has more than 500 direct destinations all over the world. No less than 300 are called at every week! The Port of Antwerp is able to transport any freight. And the other way round!
Excellent hinterland connections
All product types can be safely and quickly transported from or to the European hinterland. Often, there are even several possibilities. Thanks to this wide and high-quality offer of rail transport, road transport, barges and pipes, products get to their destination efficiently and on time.

Modern port
Private companies in the port area continue to invest in the most modern storage areas and machines to load and discharge goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are fully automated warehouses and some terminals have unmanned cranes that load and discharge containers. Another good example is the All Weather Terminal. Under a huge roof, freight can be discharged or loaded in all weather conditions.

High productivity
The Port of Antwerp is renowned for its speed. Dockworkers use the most modern techniques and have the right experience and knowledge. This allows them to load or discharge a lot of products in a short time. Their flexibility and efficiency is very important for transporters. Another big advantage is that the port of Antwerp is accessible 24/7, even on public holidays.

Sufficient capacity
The Port of Antwerp has plenty of handling capacity. The Deurganck dock added a capacity of 7 million standard containers in 2005. On arrival in Antwerp, vessels are able to discharge their cargo immediately to make sure it hits the shops on time.

Eye for sustainability
Thanks to Antwerp's central location in Europe, Antwerp is a sustainable choice. But the port community also works actively on improving its living environment. In joint consultation with Natuurpunt, unique flora and fauna are protected, companies take measures to emit less toxic substances and where possible the port supports the development of green energy.

Stable basic cargo
Chiefly thanks to the strong presence of the port-bound (petrochemical) industry and the central location in the industrial heartland of Western Europe, Antwerp has a stable and rapidly growing basic cargo offer. This cargo offer is an important reason for intercontinental shipping companies to choose the Port of Antwerp. They can discharge enough of their cargo and there are sufficient return cargoes.

Multifunctional port
One of the Port of Antwerp's strengths is the presence and interplay of transhipment companies, industry and logistics companies. Thanks to these companies there is not only a strong cargo offer, the services of the different companies also supplement each other. That is why the Port of Antwerp is known as a multifunctional port.