Are you ready for Brexit?

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To make sure things keep running smoothly after Brexit, you’ll need to take action. But Brexit might just present itself as a business opportunity. Why not just change the game by looking at transport differently? Download our whitepaper and find out how to re-evaluate your supply chain.

Curious what gains Port of Antwerp can make in your supply chain compared to other ports? Let's get in touch.


Justin Atkin, Brexpert
- Port of Antwerp

Discover all shortsea services to the UK and Ireland from Port of Antwerp.

Port of Antwerp offers British and European shippers and forwarders a sustainable and reliable transport alternative to road haulage, so that each day – also after Brexit – cargo reaches its final destination just-in-time.

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Should you switch to shortsea transport?

Just take the test below: if you answer 'yes' to three or more questions, you should definitely take the leap.


Do you operate a time critical 'just-in-time' supply chain?

Do you ship perishable goods or pharmaceuticals?

Do you have warehousing and cash flow to build a resilience stock?

Are you concerned about the impact of border friction to your supply chain?

Will delays in your supply chain effect your ability to meet contractual obligations?


Ask our Brexperts


Want to know how Port of Antwerp can help you get the best out of Brexit? Get in touch with one of our Brexperts:

Justin Atkin

Port Representative for UK and Ireland

T: +44 (0) 1472 347300

M: +44 (0) 7740 928590

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Tineke Van de Voorde

Tineke Van de Voorde

Accountmanager Shippers & forwarders

T: +32 3 229 66 78


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Wim Dillen

Wim Dillen

Brexit Task Force President

International Development Manager

T: +32 3 229 65 92


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