Authorisations Desk

Applications for works, such as welding and burning, diving and immobilising a ship, must be requested in writing from the Authorisations Desk of the Harbour Safety and Security Department, in accordance with the Municipal Port Police Regulation.





From 19 August 2020, the Authorisations Desk is available between 8:30am and 4pm on weekdays:

  1. All application forms can be found at
    1. Dutch – Verordeningen
    2. English – Regulations
  2. The fully completed document, together with any annexes, should be sent in due time to
  3. In due time means at least 16 hours in advance, or longer as stated on the request form – depending on the nature of the work
  4. Applications are processed on weekdays between 8:30am and 4pm
  5. The person carrying out the work must always be in possession of the authorisation issued in order to be able to present it during an inspection
  6. As soon as there are changes in the supplied data concerning the works, this must be reported by means of a new application resulting in a new authorisation.


In urgent cases, the Authorisations Desk can be reached on weekdays between 8:30am and 4pm on +32 3 229 68 00.


After office hours, on weekends or public holidays


Applications that reach the Authorisations Desk between 4pm and 8:30am, on weekends or public holidays, will only be processed in the event of urgency.


In the event of urgency, applicants must:

  1. submit the application form via
  2. contact the Port Authority Officer  (PAS) by telephone on +32 3 229 67 33 to explain the context of the urgency.


(The position of dockmaster / work leader, along with the e-mail address, is no longer applicable).


The Authorisations Desk reserves the right to refuse applications for works not submitted on time or not submitted correctly, or to process them at a later date on a priority basis.



Weekdays Min. 16 hours in advance (or longer depending on the nature of the work) +32 3 229 68 00 8:30am – 4pm
After office hours, on weekends or public holidays Urgency +32 3 229 67 33 4pm – 8:30am