To organise the work in the Port of Antwerp, the Centrale der Werkgevers aan de Haven van Antwerpen (Cepa) was established in 1929. It groups representatives of trading companies, shipping and freight handlers. Cepa represents the interests of the employers and negotiates on employment conditions. The organisation also organises the payment of the dockworkers, their social payment and the hiring of new blue-collar workers.

Eighty years later, the scope of its work is still somewhat comparable, although the organisation has of course been modernised and the number of services has been further expanded. Cepa represents employers in negotiations about collective bargaining agreements, gives advice on the employment of dockworkers and intervenes in social disputes. Cepa is currently also responsible for the personnel and payroll administration of approximately 9,300 blue-collar workers.

Cepa is one of the five members of the federal Employer's association of Belgian ports. Subdivisions of Cepa include the Gemeenschappelijke Dienst voor Preventie en Bescherming, the Ocha training centre and the Sociale inrichting der werkgevers aan de haven van Antwerpen (Siwha).

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