Certified Pick up

Port of Antwerp is taking the next step in the development of a digitally secured port: 'Certified Pick up'. This new way of working will guarantee a secure, transparent and optimised release process for incoming containers, which will then leave the port by rail, barge or truck.


Certified Pick up
started on January 1st 2021 as a digital, secure and integrated solution for the release of containers, and will gradually replace the current system of PIN codes

From July 1st 2021 we will use Certified Pick up in the first Antwerp container terminals. The roll-out of this phase will be terminal by terminal. All ocean carriers will assign a release right to their customers. Therefore, register your company on Certified Pick up as soon as possible.

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For the latest news and updates about the roll-out of Certified Pick up, please refer to the NxtPort website.


More secure process

To pick up a container at a terminal in the port, a unique PIN code is needed nowadays. The time between providing the PIN code to the shipping company and the driver entering this code at the terminal is considerable. Moreover, the PIN code is seen by various parties, which increases the risk of abuse.

To make this process more secure and efficient, a new process for the release of containers has come into force on January 1st 2021: 'Certified Pick up'.
Certified Pick up is a neutral, central data platform which connects all stakeholders involved in the container import process.


How it works

The Certified Pick up platform receives and processes container information. Based on this it generates a digital release right and an authorized digital pick-up right, with which the eventual carrier can pick up the container. The release right is generated by the shipping line, based on commercial release information and can be passed on from one company to the next. The digital pick-up right is only created when the final carrier of the container is known. The time between the creation of the right and the collection of the container is therefore minimal.


It will also be possible to trace which parties were involved in the collection of the container. This allows the competent authorities to access the data exchanged and generated in Certified Pick up within the boundaries of their legal powers.


The implementation of Certified Pick up will be phased since January 1st 2021.

  1. In the 1st phase, the Certified Pick up platform will ensure transparency about the container status, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency for each player in the chain.
  2. In the 2nd phase (from 1 July 2021), the various chain partners will gradually switch to the new way of handling, i.e. collection based on identity.

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More secure, but also more efficient

Certified Pick up has operational benefits for all logistics partners in the port chain.
It simplifies administrative processes, allows employees to work more securely and reduces the turnaround time of import containers in the port. The competent authorities will also be able to operate more efficiently and effectively thanks to Certified Pick up.




As a port, we take our social responsibility with this initiative. I welcome the fact that the port community is helping to further secure the logistics chain.

Port Alderman Annick De Ridder

Obligatory use

Certified Pick up has become obligatory for all supply chain partners involved in the container release process as of January 2021. All containers leaving an Antwerp port terminal by truck, rail or barge (including transhipment containers and empty shipper-owned containers) fall under this obligation, with the legal framework having been included in the Port Police Regulations.
Port of Antwerp has opted for a phased approach in order to ensure the stable expansion of the system.

Tariffs and invoices

Below, you can see the contribution per container required for the various parties making use of Certified Pick up, as well as the tariffs associated with connecting to the platform.

(Click on the image to view a larger version.)


Want to know more?

We have the following resources available for additional information about the Certified Pick up platform:


  • Getting started: a short guide detailing the steps to take to get connected to the Certified Pick up platform.
    Read the guide
  • FAQ Page: an overview of frequently asked questions regarding Certified Pick up.
    Consult the FAQ
  • Toolbox: an overview of materials and documents to familiarize yourself and others with Certified Pick up.
    Go to the toolbox
  • Documentation: NxtPort, a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp, has created a welcome pack containing further details and technical instructions on how to connect to the Certified Pick up platform.
    Read the documentation


  • Port Police Regulation: the relevant provisions on Certified Pick up in the Port Police Regulation.
    Download the Port Police Regulation
  • Port Regulations Certified Pick up: the stipulations governing the provision of Certified Pick up to port users by an authorized service provider.
    Download the Port Regulations
  • Memo on continuity: a document outlining the measures taken by Port of Antwerp to ensure the continuity of the Certified Pick up platform.
    Read the memo

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