Churchill Industrial Zone

The Churchill Industrial Zone project site is a multimodal site with a surface area of approximately 88 hectares near the Churchill dock in the Port of Antwerp. This interesting industrial investment opportunity is situated in the heart of the main integrated industrial and logistics platform of Europe. Antwerp Port Authority is looking for (an) investor(s)-concession holder(s) for the entire project site or part of the project site.

Multimodal location Churchill Industrial Zone

The Churchill Industrial Zone is situated on the right bank of the Port of Antwerp, at the Noorderlaan.

The site is located near a major pipeline hub and dock complex, including the Churchill dock. 

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Site area


Project area: approx. 88 ha (217 are)

Length: approx. 1,100m

Width: approx. 800m


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Integration industrial and chemical cluster

Churchill Industrial Zone is located in an industrial area and near the biggest integrated petrochemical cluster in Europe.

This can create an interaction with existing companies and suppliers. This cluster-strengthening effect creates a competitive advantage for both new and existing companies.


Favourable investment climate

The Port of Antwerp has many strengths as a crucial link in the supply chain that connects companies with the internal European market and the rest of the world.

Discover the strengths in our investment guide


What are we looking for?

Churchill Industrial Zone is of major strategic interest for the Port Authority. This is why the site is reserved for one or several innovative projects with a focus on:

  • sustainability;
  • energy transition;
  • added value;
  • cluster strengthening;
  • employment.
For companies or investors active in the field of the circular economy, manufacturing, processing industry or energy, it is a very interesting investment opportunity.


A new public survey will soon be launched to allocate this zone to one or more concessionaire(s).


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