Registration Port of Antwerp Roadshow to Cotonou and Lagos

This Roadshow will take place from 24/11 until 29/11/2019. We will visit Cotonou (Benin) and Lagos (Nigeria).

Participation fee is 99,00 Eur per participant per city.

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Last call for registration!! Deadline is Friday 27/09/2019.

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If you have any suggestions and / or feedback re this Roadshow (programme, practicalities...), please do advise:
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IMPORTANT NOTE! Please do note that in relation to this roadshow: - a copy of your passport will be required for travel and i(e)mmigration purposes (trip from Cotonou to Lagos) - your company profile will be published in a company profile booklet including your picture, contact details and will be distributed during the events of this Roadshow - participants lists containing your name, job title and company name will be distributed during the events of this Roadshow - rooming lists will be communicated with the relevant hotels - a selection of pictures of the event will be published on the event websites. . Your data records will be kept on file until all activities in relationship to this Roadshow are terminated.
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