Cold chain

Port of Antwerp provides an unbroken cold chain for every product requiring temperature-controlled handling. Ranging from fresh fruit to life science & healthcare products.

All temperature-sensitive products reach their destination in good time and in perfect condition. Ranging from fresh fruit to life science & healthcare products. Quality is one of the most important priorities for our service providers. 


Besides loading and unloading ships the companies in Port of Antwerp also add further value, to suit the specific requirements of each product.
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Short transit times

Short transit times are essential in the case of perishables. This means we give you a competitive advantage and reduce the distance to European consumers, production centres and fresh-goods markets.

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Unlimited storage

Port of Antwerp has state-of-the-art' refrigerated warehouses offering storage for fresh produce and allowing rapid handling of the goods to reach the consumption market.

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Unlimited storage

More than 2 million m² of temperature-controlled warehouses for the storage of your delicate perishables (zones at room temperature, refrigerated zones, freezers).


Port of Antwerp always offers a tailored solution for your product, whatever the specific storage requirements. These certified warehouses are also equipped to store halal meat and organic food.

Significant added value

Stuffing and stripping containers. Sorting, order picking, quality control and delivery are just a few of the handling operations offered by our experienced service providers. Their added value takes account of your specific needs when handling perishables. 

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11,4 7,2% 872.000
A million tons of perishables Volume growth in 2019 Handling reefer containers
8.000 +100.000 7 ha
Reefer plugs in container terminals Temperature-controlled pallet zones Capacity in dedicated reefer depots


Port of Antwerp is a flexible partner for our overseas' supply chain.
Marc Evrard, COO Belgische Fruitveiling

Global connection

Close to the European consumers, production centres and fresh-produce markets. Direct connections to over 1,000 global ports.

The goods handlers use state-of-the-art equipment for the handling and storage of freight and have waterside storage facilities. In addition, there are integrated customs and food inspections.


First port of call for connections from LATAM

Every year, the port receives billions of bananas destined for the European market. These are delivered from a variety of foreign countries. Bananas and other tropical fruit come from regions such as Latin-America (LATAM).


In order to guarantee rapid delivery to the consumption market, Antwerp is the first port of call in Europe for various services relating to South America. The fruit is unloaded and quickly taken to market by truck, rail or inland navigation.



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Efficient customs and food inspections

The port is equipped with ultra-modern inspection posts allowing customs and food inspections to be carried out in the same place. These inspection posts are licensed to inspect almost every kind of animal and plant-based product. Depending on the type of product our refrigerated depots in the port are also licensed to conduct food inspections on their own premises.


The presence of the Belgian customs authorities and the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) guarantees a correct and reliable service.


The border inspection post on the Left Bank is equipped with no less than 24 truck loading docks. This ensures the rapid completion of inspections.


The facilities are open on working days from 6 am to 10 pm, and from 7 am to 6 pm for FASFC. During these times users are welcome to report for an inspection without a prior appointment.


Short transit times inland

Short transit times are essential in the case of perishables. The perfect inland location of Port of Antwerp makes transit times shorter. Thus increasing your competitive advantage. The products reach the market faster, and for a better price.


Perishables are unloaded from the ship in less than an hour. Within 24 hours products are taken by refrigerated truck to the supermarket. The companies increase the transparency in the logistics chain thanks to real-time information about the temperature and location of each product.


The table below shows the distances to European consumption centres in kilometres.

  • ANR = Antwerp
  • HAM = Hamburg
  • RTM = Rotterdam
Rungis 366 903 456
  Chateau Renard 490 1.023 620
  Bordeaux 938 1.475 1.028
  Perpignan 1.220 1.580 1.311
Venlo 151 409 191
  Barnedrecht 86 501 9,2
  Amsterdam 160 468 77
Duisburg 179 378 223
  Keulen 222 413 282
  Ludwigshafen 424 570 502
  Frankfurt 413 489 475
  München 780 769 842
Basel 623 811 725


Digitisation and big data for a transparent logistics chain

Even our fruit loves digitisation. Perishables benefit from ultra-fast market delivery. The more time that is lost, the more quality the goods will lose.


Our companies develop technical tools to add visibility in the logistics chain. As such, the use of data from remote-container management for reefers is optimised to find proactive solutions and optimise the supply chain.




Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica is the largest international trade show for perishables. Every year, we attend together with our specialised companies. We look forward to meeting you at this annual fair.



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