Concession policy

The Port Authority's strategic and efficient management of the available sites and warehouses, ensures the concessions are sustainably secured in the port. The Port Authority ensures the available land is utilised efficiently and that new investments match with the port's strategic vision: attention for sustainable development, the creation of added value, aspiring to a competitive position and care for the environment.

Port Authority as landlord

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The Port of Antwerp is a landlord port. This means the Port Authority owns or manages the land of the Antwerp port area and based on concessions makes land available to companies to realise their projects.  The Port Authority’s Property department manages almost 40,000,000 m² of land and 6,100,000 m² of warehouses and covered areas.

Well considered concession policy

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The Port Authority's well considered concession policy creates specific conditions to ensure every concession always complies with the port's vision and strategy. Specific conditions are in place with regard to the concession period and tariffs which draw more maritime activities and added value activities.

The Port Authority always takes the aforementioned principles into account in its purchase policy as well. Via the Port decree, the Port Authority has a right of first refusal. This means that any property, not owned by the Port Authority and located in the port area, in case of purchase or sale, must first be offered to the Port Authority. It allows the Port Authority to intelligently expand the investment space and make it available to the concession market.

Obtaining concessions

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When the Port Authority wants to grant a concession, candidates are selected according to the principles of a public application procedure. In keeping with the principle of equality, the most transparent possible procedure is respected.  The availability of certain sites is notified publicly via different media channels such as Gazet van Antwerpen, ATV, the website of the Port Authority.

In some cases the Port Authority may also decide to organise a restricted expression of interest, more specifically for sites that are not of strategic interest or an area covering less than 5 hectares. The availability is not made public via the media in this case.

A company can also spontaneously apply for a concession. All you need to do is submit the form below. The submitted form is evaluated confidentially by the Port Authority. After this, the candidate will receive feedback about his case and receives an overview of the relevant current applications and restricted applications.

Advice and support

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The Investment unit also offers a range of services to companies to advise and guide them on potential investments in the port.

Ongoing consultations regarding concessions

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Currently none available.



Department of Property Management

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