Connection & distribution: we keep moving you faster

Complexity: we prefer to call it a challenge. You might need a fast and efficient connection route to get your goods in and out. So many questions to answer. Deepsea, shortsea, feeder, barge, road, rail, pipeline … or a combination of all? No worries, we will find the ideal solution, tailored to your specific needs.

Central location

Our central location contributes to a presence in the European crossroads of international supply chains. “Extended Gateways” in all corners of Europe are seamlessly connected to our port by rail, road, barge and pipeline, guaranteeing maximum and flexible access to the hinterland.

Where do you want to ship to?

An extensive network of road, rail, inland shipping, pipelines and shortsea guarantees Antwerp is well connected with the rest of Europe.

Our port also has a great number of maritime connections to ports all over the world. The Connectivity Platform is your entry to all information on the port’s maritime and intermodal solutions. 

How do you want to get your goods there?

Get to know more about our multimodal transport solutions:

A dedicated unit Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions continuously improves intermodal services & connections with the hinterland.

An online tool, the Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform allows users to find the most optimal way to transport their goods to their destination, according to their needs. 

Collaboration with hubs in the hinterland

To enhance the port's connectivity, the Antwerp Port Authority continues to develop numerous strategic partnerships with hinterland hubs and terminals. 

Hubs in the hinterland connected with Port of Antwerp.

Port services to ensure a seamless nautical chain

Several maritime services are available to ensure shipping is as efficient and safe as possible. Most of these services and facilities are available electronically via APCS, the Antwerp Port Community System.

More about Port of Antwerp's nautical services.

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