Contact details HSS & VT

Within the port area, Harbour Safety & Security (HSS) monitors the safety of shipping. They are responsible for all the measures for safeguarding public order and security in the port area, such as the regulation of goods processing and storage, the organisation of accessibility to the port area and safeguarding the environment, and the integrity and security of the port area


The Vessel Traffic (VT) service is responsible for the safe and efficient flow of shipping in the port area; it takes care of traffic planning, shipping supervision behind the locks and the management of the moorings of seagoing and inland waterway vessels.


We expand our shipping planning and supervision and constantly maintain monitoring and enforcement with one goal in mind: safe and smooth traffic in the port of Antwerp. That is why are clarifying our email addresses for these services so that you know precisely where to go with your questions. The pages below provide a summary of the various services and their contact details.