Cycling is an excellent way of exploring the port area. There are four marked routes that take you to the best spots in the port.

fietsen in de haven

More and more cyclists are finding their way to the Antwerp port area.  Some of them cycle to and from their work here, while others come to explore the port and go sight-seeing along the quays. The Port Authority is keen to promote this environment-friendly method of travel, and in the past few years it has invested in construction of new cycle tracks along the Scheldelaan and Noorderlaan roads, separated from other traffic.

For those wishing to explore the port by bicycle there is a free cycling map of the port area with four cycling routes varying in length from 10 to 60 km and lots of information about things to see along the way. The maps also carry practical information such as the times of the ferry between Doel and Lillo-Fort, cycle track junctions in and around the port, and addresses of bicycle hire and repair shops. The free map can be obtained from the information desk in the MAS Port Pavilion.

But while cyclists are welcome to visit the port, they do so at their own risk. They should bear in mind that the port is very much a working area with lots of traffic, and so they are strongly recommended to keep to the cycle tracks and observe the rules of the road.  That way they can explore the port at their leisure, in full safety.