Deepening of the Scheldt: new regulations for upstream and downstream navigation

In September 2011, the Permanent Commission for Supervision of Scheldt Navigation updated the regulations for upstream and downstream navigation. Thanks to these new regulations, the navigation possibilities for the largest vessels, with a length in excess of 360 metres, have been considerably improved.

As an inland deepsea port, Antwerp is perfectly accessible to the biggest container vessels. After succesfull calls of the Maersk E Class vessels, the Permanent Commission also gave a positive assessment to the trial trip of the Triple-E Class. This vessel type has a length of 400 meters and a container capacity of 18.000 TEU, therefore able to transport 18.000 containers of 19,68 ft long, 7,87 ft high and 7,87 ft wide. 

Deepening of the Scheldt - depth & tidal sheet

Arrival of the Maersk Triple-E Class vessel Mary Maersk in October 2013


For more information we refer to the website of the Common Nautical Management.



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