Drones in the port area

Here you will find all information on flying drones (RPAS or UAV) in the Antwerp port area.

  • Step 1: Make sure that you are in compliance legally

In order to fly an RPAS in the port you must comply with all legal requirements. Note also that the port area is a Restricted Air Space (EBR 54_Antwerp Harbour), and that there are various No Fly zones. In order to fly in the port you must have a special Class 1A permit from DGLV.

Consult the Aeronautical Information Publication issued by Belgocontrol for details of all controlled and regulated zones. Special permission must be obtained from DGLV for any deviations.


  • Step 2: Check your certificates and submit a request to the Harbourmaster's Office
  1. Check which certificates you need to have, depending on the type of flight.
  2. Fill in the request form and send it by email at least 5 working days beforehand to portsecurity@portofantwerp.com. The Harbourmaster will take a decision on the basis of the request. Further information can be found in the port instructions and municipal port police regulations.


Limitations and sanctions

  • A drone or RPAS can only be flown during daylight (dawn to dusk), within sight and only up to a height of 300 ft (92 m).
  • The pilot must always have visual contact with the drone. It is not permitted to hand visual contact to an observer, even if the latter is in communication with the pilot.
  • It is not permitted to fly two drones at once over the same area.
  • A drone or RPAS may NOT be flown if there is a chance of safety being compromised by poor weather.
  • It is obligatory to maintain a safe distance from cranes and other obstacles.

Sanctions may be imposed by the Federal Maritime Police or the Harbourmaster in case of non-compliance with these requirements and limitations.