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For years, APCS, the Antwerp Port Community System, ensured transparency in the supply chain of the Port of Antwerp. In 2018, the port community system took a new direction: on 7 May, APCS changed into C-point, an innovative platform that stands for community, communication and connection. The known APCS applications remain the same, but now they are available via the C-point website under NxtPort.













Simple electronic exchange of data

You cannot imagine the port anymore without applications such as e-Desk, BTS or APICS-counter which efficiently ensure a transparent cargo flow. Freight forwarders, transporters (ocean and canal shipping, rail and road transport), logistics service providers, freight handlers and governments use these applications in every link of the supply chain. Furthermore, various applications have also been successfully introduced in other ports: e-Desk in Zeebrugge and BTS in the inland ports of the Upper Rhine.

Simple to use

The known applications, APICS-counter, BTS and e-Desk, are offered to the broader port community in a simplified manner. The single sign-on principle already offers one simple access to approximately 4,000 companies and about 12,000 users.

For maximum effect of the synergy with Nxtport, the data platform established in 2017, the port community system is taking a new direction: the community applications of the APCS platform will be incorporated under C-point, a new name, and gradually migrate to NxtPort.

Transparency is key

C-point stands for community, communication, connection. This comes with a new website which describes the required functionalities within the Port of Antwerp. In addition to its own developments, other and new applications in the market which contribute to a high-performance community-wide exchange of data in our port, will also find their way to C-point.

Your guide through the maze of IT applications

The Port Authority remains an active partner in the applicative ecosystem. For this we work closely with NxtPort, a unique player which makes digital business in the port possible and strengthens it by identifying opportunities and unlocking data via APIs. With this initiative we explain the landscape of IT-solutions to our customers and the Port of Antwerp underlines its position as a transparent link in the worldwide supply chain.

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