Frequently asked questions

Port-related questions

1. How can I acquire a site at Port of Antwerp?

The Port Authority is a landlord port and awards concessions. When the Port Authority wishes to award a concession, an award procedure will be organised.

You can also apply for a concession spontaneously. Completing this web form is sufficient to do so. The Port Authority will then evaluate the submitted project proposal confidentially. The applicant will then be informed of the result and be given an overview of the relevant ongoing award procedures.


2. What are the rates and for how long can I take a site in concession?

The Antwerp Port Authority's Board of Directors sets the concession rates each year to ensure that the available grounds are put to optimum use. The rates can be found here.


3. What are the General Terms and Conditions and what is described in them?

There are specific conditions for concession duration and rates that encourage the attraction of maritime and value-added activities.

The conditions describe, among other things, the use of the concession and the responsibilities, as well as, for example, what the conditions are at the end of the concession.

You can also consult the investment fork used to determine the period.

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4. How are concessions allocated?

To participate in an award procedure, you can submit a project proposal that will be thoroughly analysed. If there are other candidates besides you, the project proposals submitted will be weighed against each other on the basis of criteria announced in the request for project proposals.

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Questions at a regional level

1. Where can I find more information about the investment climate in Flanders?

Take a look at the Flanders Investment & Trade website. There you can find, among other things, useful information about starting up a business.

2. What are the conditions for obtaining a licence?

Applications for environmental permits and reports in the port area on the Right Bank are processed on behalf of the administration of the City of Antwerp at the Port Permit Desk. Companies and individuals with questions in this regard can contact the desk for information.

3. Who should I contact to obtain information about subsidies?

The Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency is the Flemish government's point of contact for all entrepreneurs in Flanders.

4. What information is available with regard to taxation?

An initial source of information would be, for example, Flanders Investment & Trade.