Fancy some peaceful fishing at a nice spot in the port? You can, by all means. Just make sure you have a licence first, and fish only where permitted.

The Antwerp port area is a great place for anglers. While you’re waiting for the fish to bite there is always something going on for you to watch, on the quays, in the docks or on the river itself. Fishing is permitted at lots of places in the port. To keep it that way in future, there are a number of rules that have to be observed.

The main requirement is to have a Flemish fishing licence (“Visverlof”). You can buy one in any post office, or online at

The licence is valid for a period of one calendar year. Children below 14 accompanied by a parent or guardian in possession of a licence do not need to have a licence themselves. If unaccompanied by such a person they can fish provided they have a young person's licence ("Jeugdvisverlof"). In whichever case they may only fish with one rod.
The Flemish river fishing regulations apply within the port area. These can be consulted at


Fishing under the above-mentioned conditions is permitted at the following locations:

- Bonaparte dock

- Willem dock

- Quays 20 and 22 in the Kattendijk dock (Oostkaai)

- Quays 25, 26, 27, 32, 39 and 40 in the Hout dock

- Quay 30 in the Asia dock - Quays 33 and 34 in the Kempisch dock

- Quays 46 and 63 in the Suez dock

- The East bank of Canal dock B2 from ABT/Delwaide dock as far as the Scheldt–Rhine Canal.

Note that fishing from a boat is not permitted anywhere in the port.