Forest products

The port of Antwerp handles as many as 3 million tons of forest products per year. This includes almost 1 million tons of conventional forest products comprising wood pulp, logs, triplex, sawn wood, fine paper, kraftliner and newspaper. The port features specialised terminals and warehouses to accommodate such products.

Expertise and know-how 

In the port of Antwerp, you can be sure we will use the most recent technologies, e.g. when lifting heavy cargo. Strategically located logistics partners are delighted to offer their expertise in handling pulp and paper. Also, we are happy to help with added-value activities, such as trimming newspaper into different formats. You can rest assured that forest products will be handled with the necessary know-how at the port of Antwerp. 

Easy access

An extensive network of shortsea, inland navigation, road and rail services guarantees smooth access to the major producers and distributors of forest products in Europe. Also, the port's location 80 kilometres inland, along with the high level of labour productivity, means that the supply-chain cost is minimised. 


Loading into trucks or trains can be done both under cover and directly from the terminal. In need of storage? Thanks to our extensive storage capacity we are able to safely accommodate the strategic stock of many paper and pulp mills at the port of Antwerp.