General service HSS & VT

For general enquiries relating to our port area, you can find a summary below of the various services that may be able to provide an answer.


  • Reports and questions relating to the port area of Antwerp (seaport) can be asked here:
    • works, operations, projects and events with a nautical impact on berths, structures and fairways,
    • nautical messages and communication of nautical issues/details,
    • nautical aspects with respect to berths (restrictions, draught, technical data, etc.),
    • exceptional transport via the water within the port or through the locks.
  • Written requests pursuant to Port Police Regulations, including welding and burning, immobilisation, diving work, gassing, (LNG or de-)bunkering, gas-free inspections, extended stays and use of towpath. More info: Permissions Desk (Loket Toelatingen) 
  • Questions about administration for shipping issues and reception nautical operational services within Port of Antwerp? Mail to or call +32 3 229 71 00.
  • Do you have questions about liability regarding damage to Antwerp Port Authority's assets? Enquiries regarding images of damage within the port area, as set out in the camera policy? Ask via
  • General questions or shipping agents with questions about bookings of the cruise terminal and sailings of cruise ships in Antwerp, can be asked here: