Harbour Safety & Security (HSS)

Within the port area, Harbour Safety & Security (HSS) monitors the safety of shipping. They are responsible for all the measures for safeguarding public order and security in the port area, such as the regulation of goods processing and storage, the organisation of accessibility to the port area and safeguarding the environment, and the integrity and the security of the port area.

Here, you can find an overview of where to go with your various questions:


  • Communication on enforcement and the authorities of the Harbourmaster's Office (HSS), as well as the detention of ships: harbourmastersoffice@portofantwerp.com.
  • Initial reports regarding incidents or emergencies must be made by telephone on +32 3 229 67 33 or via VHF channel 63. Information exchange regarding planned exercises also runs via this email address. For follow-up, you can email pas@portofantwerp.com.
  • The point of contact for non-urgent communication for business and authorities with questions about Incident Management or any non-urgent communication with regard to tackling incidents is incidentencoördinatoren@portofantwerp.com.
  • All questions on regulations for handling, storing and transporting (hazardous) goods in the port can be put to the Safety employees. Also questions on exceptions to the Port Police Regulations (PPR) regarding cargo handling and storage as set out in the PPR and Harbour Instructions (HI) can be asked here: portsafety@portofantwerp.com.
  • For all questions and general communication about security in the Port of Antwerp, please mail portsecurity@portofantwerp.com. What does this involve?
    • Information-exchange by the Port Facility Security Officers with the Local Committee for Maritime Security, including mandatory reports of ISPS exercises, changes to procedures and contacts, and so on.
    • Reports of structural changes to company perimeters and entries or the layout of the site, in order to maintain an up-to-date overview of the approaches and access routes for the emergency services. Questions about the Neighbourhood Information Network or BE-Alert in the port (NIN/BE-Alert Haven) and reports of changes in contact details.
    • Defence units can submit questions according to GNZ protocols for organising training with affiliated terminals in the port.
  • All questions about the very low airspace over the port (EBR54) including questions about drones, helicopters, geozone conditions, can be asked via this mailbox: geozone@portofantwerp.com.

As a new user, if you have any technical questions about messaging with regard to reports of hazardous goods in APICS, please mail dgn.apics2@portofantwerp.com. New user requests take place via C-point or the CASD desk.