Health and well-being


Port of Antwerp is committed to the safety of its own employees, and of all port employees. In an increasingly complex reality, safety and security are therefore high on the list of priorities. A visible policy must ensure that all employees work safely and healthily.

safety & security

In the port area, we are setting up security chains for building security and work permits, crime fighting and area security. We are also pursuing a proactive maritime safety policy with supervision of the water, land and air. In addition, Port of Antwerp is preparing employees for the jobs of the future and is taking up initiatives to increase the health and well-being of employees.

Safety for port users and local residents

Port of Antwerp wants to reduce the number of accidents at work and prevent them wherever possible. We are working on this by deploying safety coaches and through a structured and targeted safety policy. During the corona crisis, for example, Port of Antwerp served as a testing site for the digital bracelets from technology company Rombit for preventing contamination in the workplace.


More and more people are taking the bike to work at the port of Antwerp. We are resolutely committed to reducing the number of home to work accidents. This is why, among other things, we are working on a safe cycling infrastructure at the port. Port of Antwerp is tackling 31 dangerous points, where the cycle path crosses the train tracks. Several lock complexes will also become more bicycle-friendly.

Port of Antwerp is developing an enforcement and supervision policy. To supplement our surveillance from land, we bought some patrol vessels in 2020 to be able to monitor from the water as well. In collaboration with the European Maritime Safety Agency, we also carry out aerial surveillance with drones.


Employee health and well-being


By 2030, we want sustainable career thinking to be self-evident. This is why we give colleagues the space and resources to grow. We offer a wide range of training and active guidance. By supporting our employees in drawing up a personal development plan, we help them to keep their careers healthy and productive. This makes our employees, and therefore our organisation, flexible and agile. 

Besides enjoying their work, we also want our employees to be healthy. We are taking numerous initiatives to promote as healthy a lifestyle as possible. The vitality scan, programmes to get employees doing more exercise, fitness tests, yoga classes, guidance on stopping smoking and weekly fruit baskets are just a few examples.

Drugs at the port of Antwerp: a joint battle against a stubborn problem

Drugs are taking a heavy toll on society all around the world. It is a complicated problem that consists of several elements: from the production and supply of drugs to their sale and use.

A total approach is needed.

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