The port has always been a testing ground and a place of renewal. Through research and development, the port can innovate and grow sustainably. To this end, we collaborate with specialist knowledge centres, teach future professionals and develop the very latest technologies. We believe in innovation as a lever towards a sustainable future for the port industry, economy and environment.

A port at the forefront of the digital world


NxtPort, a subsidiary of Port of Antwerp, is an innovative data sharing platform. We connect different companies digitally to share data faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. This way, we can promote greater transparency in the entire shipping process and increase operational efficiency, safety and turnover.

Port of Antwerp has a great deal of digital data at its disposal. With APICA, a prototype of a digital representation of the port area, we are working on our digitalisation. We want to visualise real-time information from various services, such as traffic information from shipping, camera imagery, air measurements, water levels, etc., in a 3D model of the port. 

the beacon

Port of Antwerp is a proud partner of The Beacon, a community around Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things that brings together tech-entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and innovators. It is a hotspot for innovation around smart cities, mobility, logistics and industry.