Intermodal Solutions & Connectivity Platform

Thanks to the inland location of the port of Antwerp, no less than 60% of the European purchasing power is located in a radius of 500 km around Antwerp. Shippers who choose Antwerp can transport their goods quickly, cost-effectively and with lower levels of CO2 emissions to the European customer. The Antwerp Port Community has developed two initiatives demonstrating this competitive advantage. Shippers can now easily search for hinterland connections.

Intermodal Solutions

Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions is a collaboration within the Antwerp port community that provides solutions to further improve connectivity with the hinterland. Access to new target regions with new intermodal solutions and promotion of the modal split, are two aims of this unit. The Antwerp Port Authority is therefore building numerous strategic partnerships with hinterland hubs / terminals.

Port of Antwerp Intermodal Solutions is a neutral service desk and point of contact for your questions and proposals on new or changing intermodal services or on opportunities for cargo bundling:


  • facilitating new intermodal services;
  • increasing the frequency of existing intermodal services;
  • optimal connectivity with the main economic centers in Europe and beyond through expansion of the rail, barge and road services;
  • improving connectivity with European growth regions that have little or no connections with Antwerp;
  • an increased visibility of the trimodal transport options through the Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform.

Connectivity Platform

The Port of Antwerp Connectivity Platform is developed to provide customers of the port with even more information about the various transport options and the most optimal way they can transport their goods to their destination, according to their needs. Convenient online search functions consistently chart the maritime and intermodal connections between Antwerp and overseas and European destinations. 

This online tool is your entry to all information on the port’s maritime and intermodal solutions.

No fewer than 200 container terminals and 70 intermodal transport operators from 15 European countries have joined this platform, thereby making it a unique tool. Our aim for the future is for 300 terminals to join the platform.  

For more questions:

The tool “Maritime Connections” has been developed in close cooperation with Port+.


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Mobility Advisor Rail
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Mobility Advisor Barge
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Inge Nuytemans

Market Intelligence Advisor
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Katarina Stancova

Senior Mobility Advisor Rail
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