Maritime services

All nautical services are available to ensure shipping from, to and in the Port of Antwerp is as quick and safe as possible. To meet also other needs, a whole range of extra facilities is offered. These services and facilities are available electronically via the APCS.

Shipping traffic management department

The Antwerp Port Authority's Shipping traffic management department brings together everyone involved in technical-nautical services, vessel traffic management and planning: chief traffic controllers and VTS and Port Planning. All the operational activities that relate to shipping movements to, from and in the port will eventually come under this department.

Harbourmaster's Office

Within the port area, the Harbourmaster's Office monitors the security of shipping. It is responsible for taking all measures to safeguard public order, peace and security of the port, such as regulating the handling and storage, regulation of access to the port and safeguarding the environment, integrity and security of the port area


Pilots advise captains on how to navigate and manoeuvre their vessels. Vessels on the Scheldt are piloted by the Pilotage. Behind the locks, the Brabo pilots take over.

Tug service

To manoeuvre on the Scheldt, vessels are assisted by Boluda Towage or Antwerp Towage tugs. Behind the locks, the Port Authority's tugs take over.

Ships' waste collection

Ship’s agents and shipping companies are required by law to declare the ship's waste on board. The port has provided a simple and reliable registration procedure that efficiently manages the waste flow follow up.

Electronic services: Antwerp Port Community System

APCS is the network of systems and solutions for electronic communication in the Port of Antwerp. The APCS offers several nautical services to ensure an efficient follow-up of shipping movements and optimum arrival and departure planning of vessels. Functionalities are also provided for the application of non-nautical services such as waste collection and the execution and administrative handling.


Harbour Safety & Security en Vessel Traffic

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