Maritime strengths

With more than 300 liner services to more than 800 locations worldwide, Antwerp is able to offer flexible and reliable maritime connections to ports all over the world. The port of Antwerp owes its strong offer of connections to a number of excellent maritime strengths for which shipping companies have been coming to the port for centuries.

Antwerp accommodates the largest ULCS

To allow access to the port to the biggest container vessels, the Scheldt was deepened in 2010. Thanks to this deepening, Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) now also have access to the port of Antwerp. They can safely call at the port and utilise their full cargo capacity.



Nautical efficiency

Shipping on the Scheldt is based on the 'integrated chain concept”. This means looking beyond internal port operations. The entire flow of vessel traffic between pilot pick-up or drop-off point and berth is managed by experienced staff at the port. This maximises efficiency, safety and environmental protection. 

The Antwerp Port Information and Control System application - APICS in short – ensures efficient and safe shipping traffic control across the port. It manages all aspects of traffic, including tugs, locks, berths, container handling, Recently introduced, APICS2, manages these and additional port-related processes.

Highest standards of security

Most terminals in the port of Antwerp are ISPS protected. They are being watched 24/7 and have electronic access control with scanning. Other security measures include integrated electronic data management (EDI), International Ship and Port Facility Security ISPS) certification and the Secured Alfapass card management system. 

Within the port area, the Harbourmaster's Office monitors the security of shipping. 


Harbourmaster's office Antwerp

00 32 3 205 21 52

Antwerp Port Authority
Port House
Zaha Hadidplein 1
2030 Antwerp

Department Shipping Traffic Management Antwerp Port Authority

03/229 71 00

Antwerp Port Authority
Potpolderweg 1 blok A
2040 Antwerp