Intermodal connectivity: transport options that suit you

What, where, and when? Those are the three main questions to keep in mind when you’re shipping cargo. Barge, rail, shortsea or nighttime logistics – we’ll help you determine the transport mode that suits you best.

Re-imagine your transport options


Main international road, barge and rail networks come together in Antwerp thanks to the port's central location in Europe. Antwerp is a deepsea world port, seamlessly connecting European and maritime destinations.

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Cargo transport

Did you know 60% of European consumption centres is within an 800 km radius of the Port of Antwerp? The port is growing all the time and more work is required to ensure smooth traffic. To improve accessibility, we focus on three key areas: infrastructure, sustainability and efficient transport.


How do we tackle this?


Plan your cargo route 

Find European and overseas destinations for your cargo. The online tool Connectivity Platform allows you to search Antwerp's intermodal and maritime connections. It also shows you an interactive map with container terminals in the port.


Find connections with Port of Antwerp



Major infrastructural improvements to the road network in the port are needed to make road freight transport more efficient. At various locations in the port area we are working on an improved structure of our road network.

Overview of major roadworks



Current traffic flows in the port


Current travel times to the port



The map with current traffic flows and the list of current travel times was made possible by the European subsidy project CIVITAS PORTIS.

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