Intermodal connectivity: transport options that suit you

What, where, and when? Those are the three main questions to keep in mind when you’re shipping cargo. Depending on the answers, the required transport modes will differ. Port of Antwerp offers you several alternatives at intermodal terminals. Barge, rail, shortsea or nighttime logistics – we’ll help you determine the transport mode that suits you best.

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Inland shipping

Inland shipping: move your cargo economically to major European hubs

  • Frequent connections to major European markets
  • High flexibility in volume and type of cargo
  • Sustainable option for large volumes

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Rail connections

Rail transport: a quick and climate friendly option that lets you skip traffic

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Congestion free
  • Suitable for all kinds of goods

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Shortsea connections

Shortsea and feeder services: flexibility and service for your just-in-time cargo

  • Fit for medium and long distance transports
  • Great transport capacity at a lower price
  • Excellent transit times

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Nighttime logistics

Nighttime logistics for trucks: avoid the rush hours


  • Shorter distances
  • More precise delivery times
  • No bottlenecks

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Meet the mobility team

Our advisors are happy to help you find the transport route and mode that suits you (and your cargo).

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For inland shipping

Dominique Vercauteren

Mobility Advisor Barge

T: +32 3 205 22 64

For rail connections

Katarina Stancova

Senior Mobility Advisor Rail

T: +32 3 229 66 79

For shortsea connections

Annemie Peeters

Key Accountmanager

T: +32 3 229 64 25

For nighttime logistics

Chris Coeck

Mobility Expert

T: +32 3 205 22 98

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