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Our vision


Port of Antwerp is the fifth-largest bunkering port in the world, with an estimated 6.5 million metric tonnes of conventional fuels bunkered yearly. Driven by sustainable development goals as well as international regulation, the shipping sector has started its energy transition.


Therefore, Port of Antwerp is fully engaged to integrate low carbon fuels in its bunker market. LNG is a reality today. We’ll take care of methanol, hydrogen and electrical power between now and 2025.

We'll take action from our four roles as a port authority

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Port safety management framework

The port authority’s safety management framework for bunkering of low carbon marine fuels consists of three layers; system safety, allocation, and operational safety. All three layers are anchored in article 5.5 of the Municipal Port Police Regulation and the Port Instructions.


System Safety

The port authority issues 5-year permits for bunker fuel operators. To that end, a thorough audit is performed using the IAPH’ Clean Marine Fuels Audit Tool, which guarantees the application of the highest standards.


The external risks that arise from ship-to-ship bunkering of LNG have been quantified and evaluated against populations, activities, and infrastructure in the vicinity of each of more than 700 quay numbers in the Antwerp port area.


Access the map on the right to see which operations are allowed in the port area.


Operational Safety

Safety and efficiency of operations are ensured through the use of standard procedures and the IAPH’ operational bunker checklists. Authorizations for LNG bunker operations should be requested at using the form HKD 38 A  (truck-to-ship) or HKD 38 B  (ship-to-ship).

Planning of operations

  • Joint plan of operations
  • Authorization harbour master HKD 38
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  • LNG bunker checklist
  • Notification VHF 63 & terminal
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Bunker operation

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After LNG transfer

  • Notification VHF 63 & terminal




Possibilities for LNG bunkering in the Port of Antwerp


LNG can be bunkered in the port of Antwerp by truck and by barge. 

Fluxys LNG bunker station at quay 526. Truck-to-ship and terminal-to-ship.


FlexFueler 001

Operated by Titan LNG

More information


LNG London

Operated by Victrol

More information

Port dues

Seagoing vessels as well as inland barges that use alternative fuels like LNG, qualify for reductions on port dues of up to 15% in the port of Antwerp. Consult the tariff regulations for more information.


Download the vision text