MAS Museum

The MAS Museum celebrates the links between the port city of Antwerp and the rest of the world. One entire floor of the museum is devoted to the port itself, in particular the history of the port.

The MAS Museum is a trailblazing institution, a must-visit for all those interested in the past, present and future of Antwerp as a major international port. Co-founded by Antwerp Port Authority in 2011, the museum building is now a city landmark in its own right, a storehouse of history and art, built on the site of the historic Hansa House that stood here from 1564 onwards. The building itself is shaped like a stack of containers, but with each “container” being 6 metres high. Inside a series of escalators spirals around (entrance free of charge) with the glass walls affording breath-taking views over the city, the river, the old docklands and the modern port.

Museum floor devoted to the port

The 6th floor of the museum is entirely dedicated to the rich and colourful history of the port, appealing to young and old alike. Here you will find “trophy items” seized by the Customs service over the years, impressive model ships, paintings and artefacts from the city’s maritime past. Not co-incidentally it is the only floor with a view of the port. Just as the museum lies between city and port, this “port floor” lies between the four other floors of the museum, each devoted to a particular subject. As such it forms an essential link between the city and the world.

MAS Port Pavilion: the front parlour of the modern port

The MAS Museum tells the story of the port's past, not in a spirit of nostalgia but leaving it open-ended. The thread of the story is picked up again in the MAS Port Pavilion, standing close beside the museum, where you can learn all about the modern port and its plans for the future.  (Link MAS Havenpaviljoen)

MAS Shop

In the MAS Port Pavilion near the entrance to the MAS Museum you will find the MAS Shop with a wide range of products including an aerial photograph of the port area.


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