Museum Dock

The Bonaparte dock, now a museum dock, is home to well-preserved museum ships and also welcomes visits by historical sailing ships.

The Bonaparte dock brings history to life by displaying examples of maritime heritage.  Among other exhibits you will find Floating Crane 9 (a protected monument in its own right), the West-Hinder III lightship and the historic barges in the collection of the Rhine & Inland Navigation Museum.  The museum dock is also a fitting berth for historic sailing ships when they call at Antwerp.  For sailing ship aficionados these “cathedrals of the sea” are a foretaste of the Tall Ships Races that are due to visit Antwerp in 2016. 

Visitors to the Bonaparte dock are struck by the nautical character of the Eilandje neighbourhood with its exciting mix of water-based activities and its carefully preserved maritime heritage.  Now that port activities have shifted away from the city centre this former docklands has been repurposed. In addition to the museum dock visitors can also admire the yachts in the Willem dock and Kempisch dock, two lively marinas within hailing distance of one another.