Crane rental

For loading and discharging containers and heavier cargo, specialised cranes and crane operators can be rented in the Port of Antwerp.

What is it?

The Port Authority has several floating cranes and more than thirty dock-mounted cranes, all of which can be rented out to private and public organisations in the port area

The crane department manages and maintains Brabo, a floating derrick crane that can lift up to 800 tonnes, two floating cranes (Portunus and Titan) each with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and about ten mobile cranes that can be used everywhere and have a lifting capacity up to 100 tonnes.

The Port Authority's cranes can be rented for short or long periods.

What does it offer?

Renting cranes via the Port Authority allows companies to plan and carry out transport and transhipment activities without having to make investments.

Who is it aimed at?

Terminal Operators, investor, concession holder


Crane department
Beliweg 3
Haven 321
2030 Antwerp
Tel +32-3-229.66.01
Fax +32-3-229.66.19