Drinking water

The Port of Antwerp makes drinking water available to barge operators.

What is it?

The Port Authority makes drinking water available to barge operators via several distribution points. Drinking water barges on the right bank deliver drinking water to barges, if ordered. 

Rate drinking water: 3,58 EUR/m³

Who is it for?

Commercial barge operators who have called into port, can take in 2 m³ of drinking water for free. More details concerning this regulation can be found in the tariff regulations for inland shipping.  

Fixed distribution points can be found on quay 75, 601 and 1552. Barge operators are required to register before being able to take in drinking water. 

The drinking water barges deliver to inland barge operators every work day between 8 am and 5 pm. 

- For the low quay numbers (south of the Boudewijn Lock) order via +32 477 214 403.

- For the high quay numbers (north of the Boudewijn Lock) order: +32 477 214 404.


To use the drinking water distribution points in our port, the user needs to follow a procedure in order to start the water intake. The steps to follow to stop the water intake are also listed in this document.

Download the procedure


Users need to register here once and henceforth can take in drinking water. When logged in, a personal page is visible on which users can track their consumption.

A unique login based on the ENI number and the cell phone number guarantees safe access to your personal data. 

After registration, users can always log in here. 

Water supply to seagoing vessels

Rates and information for water supply to seagoing vessels can be found on water-link.

You can also call 03/244.05.15 to order, 24/7.