Specialised pilots with years of experience and know-how provide advice on navigating and manoeuvring vessels.

What is it?

The pilotage is responsible for guiding vessels in a vast area along the Scheldt. Piloting can be done by boat or helicopter.

The pilotage also provides assistance and nautical advice for the handling of difficult and high-risk transport.

Once you are passed the lock, the Brabo dock pilots take over. They have considerable experience and knowledge of the port infrastructure (depth of the water, bridge channels, pipeline locations) and its regulations.

Every year the pilots safely guide approximately 25,000 incoming and outgoing ship's movements.

What does it offer?

The pilots are responsible for safe and reliable shipping on the Scheldt and in the port. The services of the pilots guarantee better maritime accessibility, taking into account the environment and the safety around and on the water.

For whom?

Shipping companies and barge operators

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