25 "one-day-jobs" for a good cause

Monday 22 10 2018

25 secondary school pupils became co-workers at Antwerp Port Authority for one day, on 18 October, as part of YOUCA Action Day (Youth for Change and Action). The amount of money that they earned – 50 euros per student – went to a project in the port city of Guayaquil in Ecuador aimed at improving the prospects of young girls in the most deprived areas of the city.

During YOUCA Action Day - (formerly South Action Day), 15,00 young people from the fourth to seventh year of secondary school join the workforce in Flanders and Brussels for one day. As well as benefiting charity this also gives them the chance to experience working life. Their pay of 50 euros is donated to projects by committed young people all over the world. The YOUCA organisation encourages young people to work towards a just, sustainable society in which people and organisations live up to their responsibilities. Antwerp Port Authority is pleased to support such a project. 

Sven Peeters, HR assistant for recruitment and selection at Port of Antwerp:

“Encouraging commitment by young people is important for us, to make students aware of important matters of concern for society. After all, the young people of today are our workforce of tomorrow. Sustainability is not just a question of climate and the environment, it's also about people, wellbeing, peace and working together. We have been supporting YOUCA Action Day for several years now. Last year we had four students working with us for the day, this year we had 25. In this way more young people enjoy an interesting day in the port, we support a social project and we let youngsters find out about the port.”


Corporate social responsibility

Together with more than 100 other Belgian companies, Antwerp signed the Belgian SDG charter which supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The amount of freight passing through the port of Antwerp is growing year by year, and the challenge of this growth is to reconcile the economic, social and ecological interests. The SDGs are an important guide to creating sustainable added value. Antwerp Port Authority aims to play a pioneering role and so encourage other companies in the port to operate in a more sustainable way.

YOUCA Action Day for Nueva Prosperina

The money collected on this occasion went to a Plan International project in the Nueva Prosperina neighbourhood of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The choice of the port city of Guayaquil was not by chance: it is largest port city in Ecuador, exporting mainly coffee and bananas which enter the continent of Europe through the port of Antwerp. Follow the link to view the various videos and take a look around the neighbourhood.

Two of the school pupils taking part in YOUCA experienced life at our Media Desk for one day. They made this entertaining report about their workday.